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Huge problem parcel window E91 Touring

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Topic: Huge problem parcel window E91 Touring
Posted By: RichKen
Subject: Huge problem parcel window E91 Touring
Date Posted: 04-September-2017 at 18:27
 Hello Guys

This is my first post here so hoping to behave myself<G>   I apologize for the length of this post but I felt it best to give the whole awful story.  

The car recently suffered a snapped wire that allows the key fob to activate the locking/unlocking system.   I replaced it and the other three (I think) that were together as I expected that they would also be likely to fail shortly.  All good and now working fine but then I thought that the others that went into the adjacent part of the rubber body shroud would also have been subject to the same as several were showing cracked insulation.  Obviously I disconnected the battery before doing the next stage.

OK this is were it started to go wrong!   I was all prepared to cut all 18 wires at their highest point, and cut them at the lowest point, then pull through sufficient to bring fresh unbent wires for re-connection, then put linking wires on all at the bottom of the cable run to make up for the lost length and then reconnect.   I had cut the wires at the bottom and was working on the car outside my house where it is not that secure and wanted to go indoors for a bit of lunch. 

So yes you guessed it, I dropped the boot shut and than the parcel flap without giving it any thought....silly me!   OK I managed to open the main boot door with the emergency pull thing but opening the glass parcel flap seems to be impossible to do manually, and of course all the wires are now cut so guys PLEASE, PLEASE can someone help me to extract myself from this very silly situation I've got myself into.

After much internet searching I see that one BMW model with a rear door has a lock module with a slot in it that allows one to insert a small screw driver and thereby release the catch, but I cannot see that there is this option on my car.   Logic tells me that BMW in their wisdom would surely have made provision in the event that say the lock switch failed and so a manual means of opening the flap was needed.    I'm hoping against hope that someone can help me out of this.

Many thanks


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