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After disconnecting battery

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Topic: After disconnecting battery
Posted By: Tony600
Subject: After disconnecting battery
Date Posted: 01-October-2018 at 10:10
Hi all,

Re: 2003 BMW 530i E39 model

this has probably been answered before, but I was unable to find any reference in the FAQs.

I need to remove the instrument cluster to investigate loss of pixels on the lower display. I have sorted how to do this but I have a couple of questions.

If I go through the procedure, with the battery still connected, when I disconnect the headlamp switch on the frame I get the "Lights on" message (or most of it due to the problem previously quoted) displayed. An external check, i.e. looking at the lights, reveals that this is true.

However, if I were to disconnect the battery before removing the cluster, what procedure would I have to go through to get everything, computer, radio etc., functioning when I reconnect. I have found reference to setting a code to prevent unauthorised engine starts but, as far as I am aware, no code has been set. I cannot find in the extensive documentation I received with the vehicle any note of a radio code. Is one necessary, or would that have been part and parcel of the engine start code, if set?

I fitted a 100AH battery, to replace the 80AH fitted, soon after acquiring the car, but to avoid any possible 'connect/re-connect' problems I hooked up the the battery leads to a slave battery whilst making this change.

Any advice would be most welcome.



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